Build strong teams through the art of listening

Listening to others…really listening, is a rare commodity these days. We multi-task while on the phone, think about what we’re going to say while someone else is still talking, and interrupt before we’ve heard everything the other person wants to explain. It’s no wonder we run into conflicts when on the job, in our families, and interacting with those around us. We’re often not listening!

Learn the four essential steps of an easy to use listening system that will pave the way for increased employee engagement, stronger teams, and a greater ability to make effective decisions…the result of having heard and understood all sides.

This workshop can be given to groups from 6 to 50 people and can be used in your business to strengthen performance at all levels of your organization.

In addition, coaching sessions are also available for pairs of people who want to work things out and get more on the same page as well as for individuals who want to learn how to implement the four-step listening system with the people on their team.

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