Great Communication Leads to Greater Customer Service

At 7 years old, if I got a penny I spent in on bubble gum. If I had a nickel, I would get some M&M’s. Money would come to me in drips and drabs until one day…I got a charge account for Jack and Goldie’s downstairs candy store. It was clear that business was booming in the sugar industry on Broadway and 204th Street in New York and the dentists were making a fortune on this little girl’s teeth.

What made Jack and Goldie’s candy store so compelling for me? Certainly it was the sugar. But it also was a place I could go to and be treated fairly and with respect. In other  words, they had great customer service…at least where it concerned me.

What makes for great customer service?

It’s an interesting question in this day and age of e-commerce, retail stores, online auctions, and probably still, the local lemonade stand. But great customer service, no matter what kind of store format, has one thing in common, which is to support and help the customer get what they want.  I certainly got what I wanted at Jack and Goldie’s and how they treated me was part of the equation.

What’s the recipe for helping people get more of what they want?

The answer is simpleGreat Communication!

  • It begins with you the leader, the manager, or business owner stating clear and specific desires and intentions to your staff who then translate your vision and intention to the customer.
  • It’s developing an engaged staff that wants the best for you and your business.
  • It’s building a staff that wants the best for the customer.
  • And it means wanting to give. Give what? Give time, expertise, encouragement, and an open ear.

What are they saying?

Much of this boils down to the art of listening. The ability to listen and really hear what your staff or client is really saying lays the foundation for helping people get what they want. It’s impossible to accomplish this without this key element.

A simple way to begin

As you listen to those around you today, listen with a curiosity and a sincere desire to understand them. What is this person really saying? Not what you think they said or what you think they mean, but find out what they really mean. Stay curious, stay interested, stay present and see what you learn.

The more you hear what your clients want the more you will be able to fulfill that desire. The art of listening is the art of successful business!

Call or write if you want to know more about implementing this in your workplace. Looking forward to hearing from you.





2 thoughts on “Great Communication Leads to Greater Customer Service

  1. Thanks for the idea…today I prioritised listening while training in a new project with a coworker…time flew by and I learned a lot, had a good time, connected with my coworker, and the best part was we nailed the project!

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