Case Study – From Manager Conflicts to a Smooth Running Business

Karen is the co-owner of a Midwest plumbing company and was having challenges with her two most important managers. She felt completely overwhelmed by their lack of ability to work together amicably and didn’t see how she could get them to change.

Consulting Process
From our sessions together she realized two things; (1) that she was operating from the fear that if they didn’t work out their relationship she would lose one or both, which would lead to negative repercussions for her company. As she saw what was underlying her fear, she also saw how ridiculous that was. Since she was able to manage the company before these two people came on board, she realized that she would be fine if indeed they decided  to leave. That was a huge relief and a very powerful perspective for her.

(2) She also realized she could ask them to change how they were behaving and apologize to one another in a sincere and heartfelt manner…which she did.

The fundamental change came from Karen first. Once she adopted the new belief that she would be fine with or without these two managers, she dropped her fear which then freed her to ask her managers to own their actions, apologize, and support one another.

Although they didn’t seem open at the time, two weeks later the two managers stepped up to the plate. While Karen was gone for a week, these two people worked together in absolute harmony. This was a first since typically, after being away, she would come back to havoc between these two. This gave Karen the firm foundation that she had been trying to build for months and upon which her business would now run more effectively.


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