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Did you know that there is a direct correlation between how you communicate and your ability to get more of what you want. It doesn’t matter if it’s dealing with a “difficult person”, giving an employee feedback, meeting your quarterly goals, or even getting your partner to take out the garbage.

As a way to get started I’ve created a short introductory video with a quick tip on how to begin a conversation where you want to create a particular result or change. This example is with someone who feels difficult in your life, but the quick tip will be applicable in any conversation where you want to create strong results.

Just click on the arrow below to get started. Hope you find this useful.


Why do interpersonal relationships sometimes feel so difficult? Take a few minutes to watch this slide show for some fundamental answers to this question. This excerpt was taken from a longer interview that I did with Marion Triano of Stressban.com.

Communicating with the people in your life doesn’t have to be confusing, scary, or something to avoid. When you learn the time-tested principles and practices of effective communication, you’ll feel more confident that you can make yourself understood without pushing people away or being a tyrant.

With this approach you will create the stage for dealing with challenging conversations where emotions are high and where stakes are important.  You’re ability to successfully influence and lead those around you depends on your ability to communicate goals, new initiatives, and performance reviews at all times…not just when things are going well.

When you know the tools and are comfortable executing them, the people around you will respond more favorably which increases the likelihood of getting your goals and projects met in a more efficient and effective way.

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